Assignments & Project Works

 Assignments constitute the continuous evaluation. The submission, of assignments, is compulsory. The Grade, that the student gets in the assignment, will be counted in the final result. Three assignments meant for each course carry 25% weightage. Therefore, the students are advised to take the assignments seriously. No student will be allowed to appear for the term - end examination for any course if the assignments, as specified, are not submitted in time. The main purpose, of the assignments, is to test your comprehension of the learning material you receive from us and also to help you get through the courses.

The information given in the printed course material will help you to solve the problems given in the assignments. The TIAS-CDL Coordinator of the Programme has the right not to entertain or reject the assignments submitted after the due date. Students are, therefore, advised to submit the assignments before the due date. Evaluated assignments will be returned along with the comments of the evaluator. For your own record retain a copy of all assignment responses which you submit.   The project work is an integral and important component of the PGDM programme where students have the freedom to select what to study or investigate in their chosen stream. Because of this, it can be one of the most valuable learning experiences of their life. They should use the dissertation not only to develop a detailed study of a topic that interests them but also learn about themselves and to produce a dissertation that fully demonstrates their intellectual and personal capabilities.  


• Dissertation must be related to the chosen major stream
• The research work should be carried out independently by the students for a given period of time, under the guidance  of a approved guide.
• It is an important opportunity for the students: • To have practical exposure of Corporate World
. •To apply the theoretical concepts in practical areas
.• To develop competencies as per the need of the industry


Admission Enquiry
Admission Enquiry