Christmas Day / New Year Celebration
On 23rd December' 2011
As Christmas and New Year is knocking at our door so we decided to celebrate it with our students and staff. As New Year has become a national festival in India. The excitement to celebrate the event is present among our students with great enthusiasm. It started with prayers', cake cutting followed by fun with santa clause and enjoying the different games. And having different Indian traditional snacks was a wonderful refreshment for the among students.
Further it was followed by more games, fun and frolic. Like any other party, celebrations are incomplete without the noise makers and party hats! So, it was further followed by attractive DJ and dance party for the students and end up with soothing lunch all together it was great fun for the student as well as staff relaxing from their busy schedule .All this is done to wash away the stress of the last year and bring in happiness for the coming year.
The idea behind celebrating this Christmas and new-year party is to get-togethers is to give farewell to the by-gone year and welcome the New Year bountifully.
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