Cricket Tournament 2010
Date                             :           November, 26-27, 2010
Day                              :           Friday & Saturday
The main objective of this cricket tournament is to give a platform to the students of different courses to come together & create a team spirit & spirit of brotherhood. As sports are also very important thing in their academics life, so with the help of this tournament all students from different courses come together and develop a spirit of team.
This cricket tournament started with a meeting of all players from all teams in which we discussed rules & regulations for game, than at sharp 11 am first match started between the team of BBA first year & BBA second year. All the students enjoyed match very well. There were three matches on day one. On second day there were Semi finals & Final match among the teams. All the teams played with sports spirit and this tournament also create team spirit among students. Dr Ajai Pal Sharma, Chief Program Coordinator, Mr. Sudhir Rinten, BJMC Coordinator, Mr Trishu Sharma, Sports Officer & Mr. Asim Sahore Faculty Management were present there to motivate students. On second day final match started at 1.30 pm between MCA Team & BBA Ist year team. BBA team bat first and scored 103 runs and they won match by 5 runs. This cricket tournament really develops the sports & team spirit among students. They also learned about how to do coordination at various times during an event. They also felt that fitness is also very important part in their life and by participating these kinds of events they can make them fit.
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