Disclosure of Information on website regarding TIAS-CDL Programmes and Territorial jurisdiction in case of Study Centres & Examination Centres.

  1. 1. Name of the Courses on offer. Pl. See Weblink 
  2. 2. Approval of the statutory bodies of the university. Pl. See Weblink 
  3. 3. Approval of Regulatory bodies (Complete approval letter.) Pl. See Weblink 
  4. 4. Details of Academic Calendar. Pl. See Weblink 
  5. 5. Student strength – Enrolled. Appeared and Passed the Examinations under CDL programmes during the last Three Academic Sessions. Pl. See Weblink 
  6. 6. List of Study Centers with complete Address and details of Coordinator and Support Services, Face to Face contact Orogrammes etc.:- Nil 
  7. 7. List of Examination Centres.:- NIL  
  8. 8. Availability of SLMs on website : - SLMs adapted from IGNOU (egyankosh) and SLM is provided in soft and hard copy in form of booklet to the students. 
  9. 9. Elaboration of Academic MOU for CDL programmes.:- NONE 
  10. 10. Name and other details of Course Corrdinator at the HQ for each course. Pl. See Weblink 
  11. 11. Complete Prospectus / Brochure covering all aspects of CDL programmes. Pl. See Weblink 
  12. 12. Territorial Jurisdiction of University / Institution.:- Delhi-NCR only  
  13. 13. Minimum Qualification of incumbent, Subject Coordinators / Counsellors at the Study Centes (Programme wise-for all programmes). 
    :- Subject Co-ordinators/Counscllors of study centres for all programmes are Assistant Professors/Associate Professors/Readers in subjects concerned satisfying UGC norms. 
  14. 14. Details of Faculty, Administrative officials. Pl. See Weblink

Admission Enquiry
Admission Enquiry