Disclosure of Information on website regarding ODL programmes and territorial jurisdiction in case of study centres & examination centres.

* 1. Name of the courses on offer. Pl. See Weblink 

* 2. Approval of the statutory bodies of the university. Pl. See Weblink 

* 3. Approval of Regulatory bodies (Complete approval letter.) Pl. See Weblink 

* 4. Details of academic calendar. Pl. See Weblink 

* 5. Student strength – enrolled. Appeared and passed the examinations under ODL programmes during the last three academic sessions. Pl. See Weblink 

* 6. List of study centers with complete address and details of Coordinator and support services, face to face contact programmes etc.:- Nil 

* 7. List of Examination Centres.:- NIL 

* 8. Availability of SLMs on website : - SLMs adapted from IGNOU (egyankosh) and SLM is provided in soft and hard copy in form of booklet to the students. 

* 9. Elaboration of academic MOU for ODL prgrammes.:- NONE 

* 10. Name and other details of Course Corrdinator at the HQ for each course. Pl. See Weblink 

* 11. Complete Prospectus / brochure covering all aspects of ODL programmes. Pl. See Weblink 

* 12. Territorial Jurisdiction of University / Institution.:- Delhi-NCR only  

* 13. Minimum qualification of incumbent Subject Coordinators / Counsellors at the Study Centes (Programme wise-for all programmes).
:- Subject Co-ordinators/Counscllors of study centres for all programmes are Assistant Professors/Associate Professors/Readers in subjects concerned satisfying UGC norms. 

* 14. Details of Faculty, Administrative officials. Pl. See Weblink

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