Indoor Games - 2012
On 7th August 2012
The main objective of this Event is to give a platform to the students of different courses to come together & create a team spirit & spirit of brotherhood. As Indoor games are very important in holistic development of the student, this event inculcated the right spirits in the students.
Mr. Varun Kumar Event coordinator briefed the rules & regulations with sequences of different sports to participants. The program started as schedule at 10:00 am and continued upto 4 pm.The games have played in following sequence Lemon Race, Dumb charades, Three legs Race, Ad Mad Show, Musical chair, and lastly Find the Names. The students were so enthusiastic that all the venues were full of participants and audiences. Dy. Director Dr.Shipra Jindal, Dean Academics Mr. Sachin Sabharwal, and other faculty members were present there to motivate students.
It was really a great learning experience not only participants and audiences but for faculty members also. This Event developed the sports & team spirit among students and they also realized the importance of mental and physical fitness.
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