Induction Programme
31st August 2010
The Tecnia Institute of Applied Studies conducted induction and orientation program to welcome new students on 31st August 2010. It was organized to introduce the student to the working of the organization and to make them comfortable during the tenure in the organization.
The program commenced with felicitation of Mr R.K. Gupta, Chairman, Dr. Nirmal Singh Advisor, Dr. Navneet Gupta, Director, Dr. Shipra Jindal, Asst. Director, Mr. S.P. Dahiya, Head Training and Placement & Ms Shivani Solanki, Centre Head. Dr. Navneet Gupta welcomed and blessed the students for their upcoming future. He also introduced all the Faculty members and non teaching staff to the students. The chairman motivated the students to acquire practical knowledge along with Technical Skills for better understanding of the subjects, which are important in today's competitive world to with stands the fast changing environment in their career. Dr Nirmal Singh, informed the students that the group is planning to become a University so that more autonomy is acquired to impart better education to the students. Induction program was organized by Divya Puri with the help of all teaching and non teaching staff of the institute. The program was concluded assuring the students that their tenure in the institute will be the nurturing and an enjoyable experience.
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