Trip to SHIMLA
A rejuvenating and teaching educational excursion for three days. Was provided to the students of Tecnia Institute of Applied Studies to give the hand on experience of various fields by the joint efforts of Dr. Vandana Raghava and Mr. Varun kumar. The students left for shimla on 17.10.09; they stayed in the hotel “Quality Inn” and enjoyed the tour with variant events like “Bon-Fire, DJ and visit to various places like Kufri, Mall Road, Ridge Scandal Point, Lakkar Market and Church.
Students were accompanied by Dr. Vandana Raghava, Ms. Shafaq Zareen, Ms. Sonal Goel, Mr. Shivendra kumar, Mr. Imran Khan and Mr. Sachin Sabharwal. The tour wasjooined by our honorable Chairman Mr. R.k. Gupyta & Mrs. Kususm Gupta at DJ Night. The tour was enjoyed and appreciated by all the students.
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